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Art, culture, design and lots of history: the brand Auá was born in 2003 from the need to make fashion in a broader, unrestricted context.

With timelessness and personality, Auá brings simple cuts to its DNA that contrast with thepatterns that are always signed by artists. Each new collection brings new partnerships thatcome from a synergy with indigenous peoples and renowned artists. Thus, the exponents of Indian art and contemporary Brazilian art set the tone, desire and expressions, with theintention of transcending differences.

AThe delicate nature of each piece, another characteristic of AUÁ's clothes, is the result of the attention to the proportions and finishing touches, and the use of special raw materials such as cotton fibers, wood, silk and linen.

Men, women, indian, people from all over the world; all this in Tupi, the language spoken by the ancient people, fit into just one word: Auá.